Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SciFi Story - Episode 1

It was already 2:30 pm of the 20th day of October. Dr. Henry Randolph was at his home preparing for a business meeting with a prospect customer who called him 3 days ago. The meeting was scheduled at 4:00 pm at a coffee shop downtown. Dr. Randolph is a chemist who specialized on chemicals that enhances the functions of the human brain. His wife, Anna, was helping him with his tie. Before walking out of the house, Anna reminded Henry to go home before dinner. Henry nodded and started the car. Then he drove to the coffee shop. Fifteen minutes later, Elizabeth, the daughter of Henry and Anna, arrived. Elizabeth is working as a nurse for one of Phoenix’s hospitals. Phoenix is a government embedded multinational company specializing in military, tactical trainings and related technologies. The company is also embedded into 35 other countries and covers the whole defense system of the country where it is embedded. Its sister company and also its main competitor, Sphinx, is covering the remaining 33 countries.

Thirty minutes later, Dr. Randolph arrived at the coffee shop. He then sat and ordered a cup of cappuccino. The meeting was supposed to take place at exactly 5:00 pm. It’s already 5:20 pm. The cup of cappuccino he ordered is already empty but up to now there’s still no customer. He tried to call the customer, who said his name was Freddy Johnson, but he failed. Henry thought that maybe Mr. Johnson will just be late for some reasons. Well maybe too late. He sat in the coffee shop for the next hour but no Mr. Johnson is appearing. He then decided that if Mr. Johnson won’t arrive at 6:30 pm, then he would leave. A few moments later, a guy in his mid 20’s entered the coffee shop and came to Henry. Henry then stood up and shook the hand of the guy. The guy said while giving Henry a calling card, “Sorry but Mr. Johnson won’t be able to attend your meeting. There were some problems at the office he had to attend to. I’m Francis. I work for Mr. Johnson as one of his liaisons and I’ll be the one to talk to you about our business instead.” “Oh. I see. Well I guess Mr. Johnson is a busy person. So shall we start?” Henry replied while reading the card Francis gave him.

At the Randolph’s, Mrs. Anna and Elizabeth were watching the television then suddenly all lights went out. It was a weird thing that only their house was out of electricity. Anna looked for a flashlight and tried to call the electric company using their landline but the phone line is also disconnected. The two got scared, so they decided to go out of the house. While they were walking to the door, 2 masked men suddenly appeared behind them and covered their mouth and whispered, “Do not do anything foolish. We have Mr. Randolph. He dies if you disobey us.” The ladies were so scared. Then, the men grabbed the ladies and placed them in the other car of the Randolph family. Another guy was already in the driver’s sit. While another guy came from their kitchen. He was the one responsible for cutting off the electricity of the house. Then one of the men spoke and said, “Don’t do anything foolish. We have your dad. Act normal or he dies.” While the guy is talking he showed his PDA displaying a video feed of Dr. Henry speaking with Francis. The ladies had no choice but to follow these men.

Back at the coffee shop, Dr. Henry got shocked by the contents of the calling card Francis gave him. The following was written at the card: “I’ll give you my phone. Someone will call. Answer it or your family will die”. Then Francis showed his PDA to Henry. It displayed the video feed of Anna and Elizabeth while inside a car accompanied by two men. Henry was so shocked that he can’t think straight. Suddenly, Francis passed the phone to Henry. A few moments later, it rang. “I suppose you want to answer that, Mr. Randolph.” Francis said. Henry answered it in fear. “Hello?” He said. A weird voice answered. “Do not speak. Go back to your car. Let Francis drive it. One of my other men will accompany you. Don’t do anything foolish unless you want your family dead.” Henry was so scared and angry but he has no choice. Francis then said, “I think we must go now Mr. Randolph.” “You’ll pay for whatever you’re trying to do.” Henry angrily answered.

Henry then went to his car and sat at the passenger’s seat. He gave Francis the keys. While some other guy showed up and sat at the back. Francis then drove the car. Then Henry said, “Who are you? What do you want? You want money? I have some...” the other guy interrupted and said, “Shut up! We don’t need any of your wealth. Just keep quiet or else.” Henry is in fear. Scared of what his family is facing. Not knowing what’s going to happen.

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